Rajeev Ganapathy
Rajeev Ganapathy Executive Director
Rajeev was born and educated in India, he comes from a 3rd generation coffee growing family from Coorg, India and migrated to Australia. Rajeev started Origin Coffee Traders in 2006. With his coffee growing and trading experience Rajeev offers a unique balance and transparency between growers and Roasters.
Abhi Chamarthy
Abhi Chamarthy Logistics and Coffee Buying
Abhi is at the center of our team here at Origin Coffee Traders. He has been with us for over 10 years and oversees all of our Buying and Supply Chain, selecting our coffee and then getting it to our distribution centers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US. Outside of work he is a lover of all things coffee and food and is a talented photographer.
Kim Weldon
Kim Weldon Customer service

Meet Kim, the name on the emails and the voice on the phone. Kim takes care of processing orders and coordinating dispatch, invoicing and Accounts Receivable, forwarding sales enquiries, packing and sending of samples and ensuring everyone around head office is adequately caffeinated. Kim comes to us from a background of Hospitality as a Barista and Café Manager which has equipped her with vital multitasking skills. Kim loves to learn about coffee. from cupping to roasting and is particularly fond of filter brews as they truly represent the origin of the coffee.

Thim Ponnappa
Thim Ponnappa Managing Director, United States
Thim heads up our US operations and was born and raised around coffee plantations in Coorg, India. Coming from a family of Coffee farmers, he developed a passion towards coffee in his childhood and is passionate about the farmers and their needs at origin. With an extensive background in technology and customer service he is dedicated to the needs and satisfaction of his customers. Origin Coffee Traders is a culmination of his love for Coffee, passion for customer service and entrepreneurial ambitions all rolled in to one.
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong Business Development Manager New Zealand

Jack got hooked on specialty coffee during his travels teaching English and backpacking in South America, where he spent time working on a coffee farm in Peru. It was this experience that drove him toward a career in coffee. After working as a barista for some time he initiated an apprenticeship for a roastery in Santiago, Chile. Jack returned to NZ with an even stronger desire and is excited about this new chapter here at Origin Coffee Traders New Zealand.

Ben Presland
Ben Presland Regional Sales Manager NSW, QLD, Head of Specialty Coffee
Our in house Q-Grader and coffee nerd. Ben is also responsible for helping us lock in those tasty specialty coffees we all love. Ben hates the word “foodie” but definitely loves food, wine and good beer. He is also partial to a pork roll…two if they’re good
Megan Pauley
Megan Pauley Accounts and Logistics Officer

Megan comes to us with a wealth of experience across Accounts, Logistics and export. While she isn’t too fussy about her coffee needs she prefers a latte to start the day.

Linda Kendrick
Linda Kendrick Group Account Manager
Linda has been with us at Origin Coffee Traders for over  7 years taking care of our Accounts department. She is a valuable part of our team and ensures that the back end of the business runs smoothly.
Stanley De Zoysa
Stanley De Zoysa Regional Sales Manager VIC, SA, WA, TAS
Stanley entered the green coffee industry through trade links in Papua New Guinea in the early 2000’s. Over the years he has been fortunate to visit and work with many fascinating coffee producers the world over. With many years of experience in procurement and trading he has been exposed to tremendous people who have both inspired and mentored him. His business acumen and sound knowledge of the local coffee industry will continue to benefit our customers and supply partners enabling us to cover their ever evolving needs.
Bronte Abrahams
Bronte Abrahams Business Development Manager NSW, QLD

Bronte began as a barista in Sydney's little Italy leichhardt where coffee is the centre of the community. Since she has developed as a specialty barista working at Sydney's best micro-roastries. She has worked as a trainer in Tanzania in a social enterprise cafe for where women ran a tourist cafe next to the seregenti to generate funds for their community outreach. A large part of her coffee career has been in Paris where she worked in establishing the specialty coffee scene by managing Ten Belles, being a competitive coffee brewer and taster in National competitions and supporting the development of women in coffee through establishing a collective called Cafée. Bronte has a degree in International Development and is interested in seeing the coffee industry develop in an equitable manner, which brought her to Indonesia to research for Unsw ways a farmers cooperative could better train their members and achieve better and fairer deals. From the bar, to training and then to the cupping table Bronte is passionate about great service and quality coffee.