Nilgiri Tea is a dark, intensely flavoured and aromatic tea coming from the Nilgiri Hills or the ‘blue mountains’ of South India. It is known as a versatile, robust and smooth tea that can be used in a blend or by itself. When used in a blend, Nilgiri´s tea can be used to make Chai, where the strong flavour is complimented by the spices it is infused with. This tea is usually a dark amber that, in some varieties, is infused with a hint of lemon.

Thiashola Estate

Thiashola is one of the oldest Tea Gardens nestled among the Blue Mountains. During the Opium War in the 1800’s, Chinese prisoners of war planted the first teas here, which still exist to this day. Thiashola Estate has the altitudinal advantage to produce Black Orthodox teas, which are fresh and rich in fragrance and intensely flavoursome with characteristics of dark liquorice.