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  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Western Huila
  • Type: Arabica
  • Process: Washed
  • Packing: 70 Kg - Grain Pro
  • Producer: AZAHAR COFFEE
  • Location: AU
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This blend comes to us from the neighboring municipalities of La Plata and Paicol. Both are proud of their plethora of natural resources and rich history and cultures. Previously fairly unknown to tourists, these municipalities have recently begun to open themselves up to tourism and focus on eco-tourism and adventure sports. Capitalizing on the beautiful brooks and rivers in this lush region in the central Andes, Paicol and La Plata are becoming increasingly well known for rafting, waterfalls, rappelling, and other outdoor activities. La Plata presents itself as an important stop as part of a tour of the more well-known cities of Popayán, Cali, and Neiva. In this region, originally known primarily for its plentiful resources in petroleum and silver (for which La Plata gained its name), agriculture is now king. Here the nutritious soil and wealth of fresh water create a highly important ecosystem where a wide variety of birds and plants flourish. The same resources fuel a strong agricultural economy centered around coffee but also including plantains, cacao, beans, potatoes, rice, and corn. Of the two municipalities, La Plata is somewhat larger. Here the border of the city is marked by a thin ridge of trees which divide the urban center from the surrounding fields and rigid peaks. Here and in the surrounding veredas pride in this region of Western Huila is presented in two main forms, through the maintenance of folkloric traditions, namely dance, and through coffee. Here, coffee production is largely limited to small farms. The labor is, quite literally, a family production. And the result is a meticulously grown and processed bean which is a source of pride and honor for the family. We think you’ll taste just that in this Western Huila blend.

Cranberry, Caramel, Green Apple, Mandarn Orange

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