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Bean Details
  • Origin: India
  • Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka
  • Type: Robusta
  • Process: Honey Process
  • Packing: 60kg
  • Producer: Devon Estates
  • Location: USA, AU
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  • Flavour detail
Fully ripe red fruits are hand-picked through frequent rounds of picking and then subjected to wet processing through a mechanical de-pulper. Pulped beans are taken to an air drying unit and then dried over raised trays by continuously blowing air and hand raking for quick removal of surface moisture. After the complete removal of surface moisture the coffee is shifted for Sun drying on raised trays, where it is again hand raked and the mucilage sticky beans are separated. All this is done by intensive manual labor before being dried for about eight days to attain a moisture level of 10.50 % to 11.00%. Dried coffee beans are packed in Ijjira food-grad bags and are stored in a ventilated godown (warehouse). Parchment coffee is then sent to certified curing works for peeling, polishing & grading

Sweet, medium brightness, full bodied with a robusta buttery mouthfeel, ending with a clean aftertaste.

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